Custom orders

So, you’d like to place a custom order with me? Awesome, thank you! Already know what you want, and just want to get your order in? Then that’s really easy. You can click here to be taken to my store, where you can book your piece – pay a deposit, or full price, it’s your choice! I’ll be in touch as soon as I receive your order.

If you need a bit of help working out a concept for your custom order bowl, or perhaps you’re after a landscape or pet image, then get in touch with me using my contact form. With a bit of back and forward chat, we’ll work out the perfect statement piece for you, in no time!

You can come hang out with me on the socials! Click here to find me on Facebook and Click here to find me on Instagram. I share all the bits and pieces that I’m working on, so you never know what inspo you might get for your very own piece!