From one artist to another - L'Arte

Taupō is one of my favourite holiday destinations, and I am lucky enough to have a good friend there with whom I stay, Sue. One of my favourite places to visit when in town, has always been L’Arte – a ceramics studio created by Judi Brennan, and cafe created by her daughter Jo. 

When Judi was having a significant birthday, Sue asked me to make a large bowl as a birthday present for her. Judi is a very accomplished artist in ceramics amongst other mediums. I was nervous to say the least – making a piece of art for an artist? Nail biting stuff!

As a bit of inspiration for the piece, I used Judi’s own ceramic works. The colours, patterns and forms are all so appealing. You can see her works at L’Arte ceramic studio and gift shop in Taupō, as well as checking out the amazing food and coffee at the onsite cafe.

The finished result is an explosion of colour which now sits on a side board with other art pieces in Judi’s home. It looks beautiful, and it gives joy to Judi and those around her, including her grandson, which is an added bonus!

A special piece of your own is but a click away! If you’re keen on a McQuilled custom piece, then just click here. Give me a few bits of info and I can come up with a plan with you!

L'Arte Custom Bowl