Piha Beach is my home, and now it's in paper

I’m a West Aucklander. I was raised in Titirangi, went to school in the west, and spent a lot of time at Piha – I was lucky – Mum and Dad had a bach there.

Piha, it’s safe to say, is my home. We’ve spent time swimming there, making friends, we’ve walked to Kitekite falls, and run on the beach, as well as wave ski’d on the Lagoon. We’ve sat on the beach for an hour under an umbrella on hot days, regretting having eaten lunch, because we weren’t allowed to swim again for an hour after eating. We’ve had Dad have to swim out to almost drag us by the scruffs out of the water at the end of the day.

So, when a good friend from Piha wanted something special for a Christmas present, she asked me to quill an image of Piha for her Mum – also a Piha family.

I agreed, and set about finding an image to quill. I wasn’t confident. I’d made plenty of bowls – they’re my bread and butter, and I love doing them, but I had never done something from a photo before. I’m an accidental artist at the best of times! The image I chose highlights the dark sand, the dunes, and the bright orange West Coast sunsets that Piha boasts.

I created an image of Piha that I feel really proud of, and I am glad I agreed to do. Now, my hard work sits on a wooden round that I stained by hand, in the living room of my mate’s Mum, and it is seen every day.

Thanks Ning! I really appreciate you trusting me to create this piece for your Mum. It will always be one of my favourite and most special pieces!

A special piece of your own is but a click away! If you’re keen on a McQuilled custom piece, then just click here. Give me a few bits of info and I can come up with a plan with you!

Piha - round