White & Gold


Pretty, light and bright, and definitely not lacking in oomph!

I created a bowl some time ago for a friend, and it was using a black base with pops of colour scattered throughout it. It came out looking like a delicious Irish Moss Ball, with all of those bright hundreds and thousands scattered over the top of a black base.

It suddenly became obvious that I needed to create a white version of this bowl!

As you can see, the result is a lovely light and bright piece. I loved it immediately, but it occurred to me one day that if I could just give it some accents of gold, it would complete it. And it did. It’s such a simple touch, and it’s roughly applied, which gives it a real charm.

This piece is now in Texas – the first McQuilled piece to move to the USA!

A special piece of your own is but a click away! If you’re keen on a McQuilled custom piece, then just click here. Give me a few bits of info and I can come up with a plan with you!

White, Colour and Gold