Keeva, the goodest girl


Keeva is the goodest girl, and I got to quill her

I had never quilled an animal before. Sure, I’d quilled two images of Piha beach by this point, but Keeva was a challenge I hadn’t expected. 

I had posted some of my quilling on a New Zealand Made Products Facebook group that was set up to help Kiwi’s struggling since Covid-19 lockdowns.

Unexpectedly, I was asked in a comment on that post if I would consider quilling a pet, and a photo was included of a beautiful proud looking dog. I knew as soon as I saw the photo that I was going to say yes. My imagination was already starting to translate the photo into a quilled paper image.

Keeva is her name. She is the goodest girl. She was a SPCA rescue who won the heart of a staff member at the SPCA. Her beautiful red tones and her astute look hooked me, and it wasn’t long before she started to take shape, starting with her left ear and working down.

I counted the hours – 88 hours and 36 minutes it took to create a paper version of Keeva.

And here she is. She has now been delivered to her humans, and I am so glad that they are happy with how she turned out. She was yet another labour of love, and I learned so much from creating her. Keeva will now also always be special to me too!

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Quilled dog, named Keeva